Our Home Will Actually Be The Hospital In Future

Our Home Will Actually Be The Hospital In Future

Are you always worried about your health? Do you use several devices to track your daily routine? There’s a chance you use these elements as technology has blessed us with a variety of things. We are living in a modern world that enhances our lifestyle. But do you think these all elements are transferring your home to a hospital?

Let’s have a look towards future of our homes as our new hospital:

  • A bathroom:

It is a simple word but brought a lot of changes in your life. when you enter a bathroom, a smart scale will measure your weight and fat percentage. The data is transferred to your smartphone – a mirror to shape your body. It actually measures your stress level from facial expression. When you enter in a shower, it is operated with temperature. Detect the exact temperature and change water quality and quantity. A smart toilet with a microchip to analyses urine. Bunch of other technologies, just to analyze the health of a person. It will turn your bathroom into a newer hospital clinic.

  • The bedroom:Our Home Will Actually Be The Hospital In Future

Next thing that comes to your mind is your bedroom. What your bedroom will in the future? Is technology really changing your night sleep into something else? In future, new beds are available with sensors. These sensors will learn your sleep quality and send data. When you want to sleep, the technology will really lower temperature of the bed. It happens as you want a good night sleep and comes along with good night music. In future, lights will also close with your sleep and a mechanism to make you wake up in morning.

  • The kitchen:Our Home Will Actually Be The Hospital In Future

You have learned a lot of things associated with the home – what do you think about a kitchen? Is there a need for technology related to your food items? In future, there might be some smart spoons. These spoons will teach you how to eat slowly and healthy. The scanners are available to know about ingredients, toxins in the food. A lot of smartphone applications to track your diet. There might be some accessories to make a healthy pizza or other items within some moments.

  • The work desk:Our Home Will Actually Be The Hospital In Future

OH, it is really great to have technology related to a workplace. In future, there might be some clothes available for people to wear them. These clothes will actually track posture of person and stress levels. It will transfer this data for better performance at the workplace. These elements will actually learn about our digital health habits and parameters.

Actually, it seems great! Our future might be great – thanks to technology. It will change trends of lifestyle and helps a person to live a healthy life. In future, technology aware person from many situations just like medicines and stressful situations.

What would you like to measure at home? Do you want all these items in your home? Please let us know about your thoughts in comments to learn future.


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