Can Paralyzed People Walk In The Future?

Can Paralyzed People Walk In Future?

Do you ever think a paralyzed person will walk in front of you in near future? Technology has just changed thinking about people as it seems nothing is impossible. It just requires a lot of research and study to learn cure of disease and find something suitable for a human body.

Do you ever hear about the brain-computer interface?

We have just seen a concept of Brain-Computer Interface. It gives them the ability to control their environment, electric wheelchairs outside their house. Actually, this system is implemented to work with a brain cell. It collaborates with brain activity and converts these signals into a computer-meditated output. This system was first introduced nearly 30 years ago – it allows a person to move a cursor.

What about modern treatment?Can Paralyzed People Walk In Future?

Recently, 32-year-old women who had paralyzed from the waist down will regain partial control over her legs. The researchers have implemented a system with brain motor cells to restore neurological and physical interactions.

When you remain paralyzed for many years then you start forgetting whether you have legs. They totally forgot whether they have a concept of walking. To introduce brain to remember, the researchers have recently created a special VR system.

This shows that one day patients are able to walk instead of being sitting in a wheelchair. It is a just amazing medical treatment for people belonging to this disease.

This has just change thinking of people about medical treatment. Thanks to technology for such a special VR system to control human bodily functions and bowel movements.

The concept of BMI just shows that one day patient is able to walk and play with their body. Actually, it works with the brain signals and human thoughts will work to make a change in life. The researchers are making tests on such kind of activity and positive results are hoping. Scientists still require some years to make successful work in such field.


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